Dr. Mercola Explains How Your Body Can Excel with Vitamin E

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Renowned osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola has been advocating natural health for many years as one of the best means towards achieving optimal health. He believes that good health is largely dependent on the quality of your diet, the amount of exercise you get and how you manage your stress levels.

As part of his dietary recommendations, Dr. Mercola regularly reviews thousands of natural health products to determine those which will give you the most bang for your dollar in terms of effectiveness, quality and safety. And unlike other so-called health gurus, he actually uses the products that he recommends.

Vitamin E, a powerful fat soluble antioxidant which helps protects your cells from free radical damage, is one of Mercola’s highly recommended products. He has been using this amazing dietary supplement for over three decades. Vitamin E is not a single nutrient but is actually a group of eight compounds called tocopherols and tocotrienols.

Aside from being a potent antioxidant, other vitamin E helps:

•    promote healthy cardiovascular and respiratory systems
•    alleviate PMS symptoms
•    support prostate and breast health
•    enhance your brain
•    support normal skeletal, cardiac and muscular structure and function
•    assist in the formation of red blood cells and in the storage of vitamins A and K, iron and selenium

Researchers believe that your body needs more than the U.S. Daily Value (DV) of 30 IU vitamin E daily in order to function optimally. The average American diet, however, will not be enough to provide this amount.

Fortunately, vitamin E deficiency is rare in humans and usually only affects people who cannot absorb dietary fat or those who are suffering from rare fat metabolism disorders. Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency include chronic diarrhea, greasy stools, chronic and impaired ability to secrete bile.

Vitamin E is found in foods such as avocado, nuts, spinach, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, wheat germ and whole grains. But grains and vegetable oils are not the healthiest of foods to consume.

Taking a natural vitamin E supplement is a healthy way to provide your body with generous doses of this important nutrient. Since vitamin E supplements have become popular, you need to choose wisely because many of the available products use the synthetic  form of vitamin E called dl-alpha-tocopherol.

Studies show that the body prefers the natural form of vitamin E, d-alpha-tocopherol, which is retained longer and used more effectively by your organs and other bodily components.

Dr. Mercola recommends the Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols, a premium natural supplement which comes in softgel form. It contains the complete family of tocopherol – d-alpha, d-beta, d-delta and d-gamma tocopherol – and is twice as active as synthetic vitamin E.

For best results, take vitamin E during meal times rather than on an empty stomach, and is best absorbed when consumed with a meal containing some fat.

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